The 2013 Family Rosters & Transfers restricted use data files include:
  • Child's month and year of birth (Restricted data file A);
  • State, county, and place code for each parent and child 18 or older (Restricted data file B);
  • Census Place code for the responding family unit (Restricted data file B);
  • Distance in miles from the responding family unit to each parent and child 18 or older (Restricted data files B and C).
There are 2 separate restricted data files, with only one that contains Census Place (Restricted data file B); Distance is included on both data files B and C. Requests for Census Place must include a detailed justification of how the research will benefit from having these data beyond grosser levels of geospatial data.

The PSID 2013 main interview obtained the residential location of each living parent and each child age 18 or older, for all heads/reference persons and spouses/partners. Specifically, the respondent was asked to report the city and state of each such person. These questions were part of the 2013 Roster and Transfer (R & T) module. Please see the R & T restricted codebooks for Data File B and Data File C.
  The responding family unit's state is on the public use file for 2013 and their county (as well as state) is available on the restricted use geospatial file described here. Unique places are determined by using the combination of state, county, and place. Therefore, users will need these two additional variables if they want to determine the unique place of the responding family unit.

The state, county, and place on the R & T restricted use file are determined using the same approach that is used to determine the geospatial variables available for each wave of the PSID. That is, we use a combination of state, city and zip code to match the Census file.

Distance between the respondent family unit and each parent and child age 18 or older is the miles between the centroid of the places in which they live. Users may want to combine this distance variable with a) variable RT13V76 on the R & T parent child file which can be used to determine whether a parent or child 18 or older lives in the same Family Unit (FU) or Household Unit (HU), and b) the state, county, place of residence of the responding family unit and the parent and children 18 in older to determine whether they live in the same place.