IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Due to new data release, the PSID data-center will be down from 10AM-4PM on Tuesday, 12DEC2017.
The genealogical sample design of the PSID implies that for many sample members their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and siblings are also sample members. This design feature supports unique analyses of the inter- and intra-generational connections within families. To make it easier to create data extracts that include information on parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and siblings of the focal person, we have created the Family Identification Mapping System - FIMS.

To learn how to use FIMS, please view our web tutorial here.

To use FIMS please login, and then choose type of analysis file.

Analysis file:

Inter-generational analysis: GID
Inter-generation mapping: user selection
Example-1: Generation mapping process
Example-2: Merging balanced GID map with analysis data
Example-3: Merging unbalanced GID map with analysis data
SAS macros for merging GID map and data files
Intra-generational analysis: SIB
Intra-generation mapping: user selection
Example-4: Sibling mapping process
Example-5: Merging sibling map and analysis data files
SAS macros for merging sibling map and data files