Conditions of use

By registering for access to PSID public release data, the User agrees that they will:

  • Make no attempts to identify study participants;
  • Report immediately to the PSID at any disclosure of study participant identity as well as any discovery of flaws or errors in the data or documentation files;
  • Not transfer PSID public data to any third party other than staff or students for whom you are directly responsible except as indicated below. Co-investigators and persons not under the direct supervision of another researcher are required to register separately in order to obtain access to PSID public data;
  • Not allow others to use your username and password to access this site;
  • Certify the destruction of any downloaded public data file as well as any data files derived from the downloaded file when requested to do so by the PSID;
  • Notify the PSID through use of the update function (must be logged in) provided at this site or by electronic mail directed to of changes in your electronic mail address or organizational affiliation;
  • To include the following citation in any research reports, papers, or publications based on the data: In references:
    "Panel Study of Income Dynamics, public use dataset [restricted use data, if appropriate]. Produced and distributed by the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (year data were downloaded)";
  • Provide information regarding publications based on PSID data by emailing us the full citation at

Redistribution to third parties. A number of requests have been received concerning redistribution of PSID public data files to third parties. Data libraries and archiving institutions are permitted to redistribute PSID public release files under the following restrictions:

  • They must inform the PSID of their plans at;
  • Third parties to whom the data files are distributed must be affiliated with the distributor's institution or organization.
  • An authorized representative of the data library or archive and all third party recipients of such data must personally complete the user registration form.
  • Procedures must be in place to ensure that these restrictions are fulfilled.

Once you have completed the registration process, your username and password will be sent to you, via electronic mail, for your use only.