Public use data are provided in two ways: through a Data Center where users create customized extracts, and through zipped files where entire data files are downloaded.

The zipped files are one of two types: main interview files, or supplemental data files. The PSID has distributed main interview files for several decades, and we continue to do so to support users who rely on these files. All of the variables contained in the main interview files are also available in the Data Center. The CDS and TA data are only available through the Data Center.

The supplemental data files contain variables that are, in most cases, not included in the Data Center. Many of these files have a structure that do not lend themselves to incorporation into the Data Center; other supplemental files were created as preliminary release files and therefore were not included in the Data Center. DUST data are available only as a supplemental data file.

We recommend that the Data Center be used to extract data. However, we also advise users to review the set of supplemental files to identify additional variables of interest.

Restricted use data are available by establishing a contract with the University of Michigan. These data are described at the link to the right.

Before downloading data for the first time, users must complete a short registration form which includes choosing a username and password that allows them to access the data archive.

Known errors contained in PSID data files are reported here. Once errors are corrected, the relevant data files will be re-released.
Public use
Data Center - Create customized data carts.
Main Interview - Download zipped files containing the PSID main interview for each year. Files include data, data definition statements, codebooks, and questionnaires.
Supplemental - Download zipped supplemental files containing hundreds of different variables, most of which are not included in the Data Center.
User Generated - Links to programs and data generated by users of the PSID.
Restricted use
Restricted use - The PSID distributes additional data through confidential contracts. The list of available data and the process of obtaining such data are described on the Restricted Use Data page.
FIMS - Facilitates the creation of inter- and intra-generational data extracts that include information on relatives of the focal person.
PSID-HRS Cross-walk -  A cross-walk of health, wealth, and income variables between the PSID and HRS.