Before downloading data for the first time, users must register by completing a short registration form which includes choosing a username and password that allows them to access the public use data archive. Known errors contained in PSID data files are reported here.

Data Center
We recommend that the Data Center be used to extract public use data. It allows users to create customized data carts and extract data sets that are automatically merged across waves and files by the Data Center.

CDS-TAS Data Center
Visit the CDS-TAS Data Center to obtain easy and free access to data from all waves of CDS and TAS.

Packaged Data
The PSID distributes complete PSID waves as well a PSID Supplemental Studies files as ZIP files. These files include the data, data definition statements, codebooks, and questionnaires. Users who download multiple files need to merge the data manually.

Restricted and Sensitive Data
The PSID allows access to restricted use data through a contract with the University of Michigan. The list of available datasets and the process of obtaining them are described on the Restricted Use Data page.

The Family Identification Mapping System tool facilitates the creation of inter- and intra-generational data extracts that include information on grandchildren, children, parents, grandparents, and siblings of the focal person.

User Generated
PSID users are welcome to share programs that they used to generate new PSID variables. Many of these program enhance the PSID data in important ways. Since these programs are not updated by the PSID staff, PSID does not offer direct user help for these products.