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There are five ways to select variables to add to your data cart within the Data Center. The Cross-Year Index below allows you to browse the data archive where variables are organized by topical categories and you can choose comparable variables across waves.

Variable Search - Search by variable name, label, question text, and explanation text of all variables.

File - Scroll through lists of variables contained within specific data files for each interview year.

Variable List - Enter a variable list to be added to your cart.

Previous Carts - Retrieve data carts created by you or others.

You can use any of the five methods, and you can switch methods while you "shop." To view the variables you have selected, simply click on the shopping cart icon on the right.

Cross-Year Index
Browse variables arranged by topical categories, including variable-specific codebook entries. When selections are complete, press Add To Cart to add the selected variables to your data cart. An Excel version of the CDS cross-year index is available here (see also TAS).

  • Core Variables for CDS
  • CDS Data Index
  • TAS Public Data Index
  • TAS Restricted Data Index