Data Disclosure Requirements & Guidelines for Exportation from Enclave
Researchers who qualify for access to the PSID restricted data are contractually obligated to follow all of the terms and conditions in the Contract for Use of Research Data. Please review the SRC Acceptable Data Use Policy and this summary of the minimum data disclosure requirements and guidelines for exportation from the enclave.

Review and submit this Disclosure Checklist when requesting a disclosure review.

Free Data Updates
During your contract period, PSID will provide you with any updates of the data that may be made, with no additional paperwork or fee requirements.

Adding New Data and Team Members:
Investigators may request access to additional PSID restricted data if the data will be used to achieve the original goals of the existing research project. To do this, please update and resubmit the research plan and data request form.

Additional co-investigators and/or research assistants may also be added to an existing research project. To do this, the IRB must be updated, and each new team member must provide a CV and complete the SRC AUP form, the VDI-Data security plan, and the Institute for Social Research Confidentiality pledge.

Multiple Research Projects = Multiple Contracts
Please note that separate contracts must be established for each discrete research project. Investigators with multiple contracts will be provided with contract-specific access, and may not share data across separate research projects.

Contract Extension
During the three-year time period over which the contract is active, Investigators must submit a Request for Contract Extension twice a year until contract closure for a total of five Request for Contract Extensions submitted during a three year contract. Twice per year - in January and July - PSID will email investigators alerting them to the upcoming due date of their extension form. This report provides information to PSID about any changes in personnel, work environment, and research that may occur during the contract period. Graduate students will need to work with their faculty advisers for signatures and (e)mailing of the form to the PSID.

Out of Compliance
Failure to submit the Request for Contract Extension will result in an out-of-compliance contract and your enclave access will be disabled. This could also potentially make you ineligible to enter into any future contractual arrangements for PSID restricted data. Occasionally unavoidable circumstances can cause delays in the submission of the Request for Contract Extension. The PSID staff are more than willing to work with institutions to facilitate the process.

Closing Contract
Once you have completed your research, you must either certify destruction of the data and derived files by completing the Certification of Compliance Form, or return the data and derived files to the PSID for secured storage. Researchers may elect to return their files to the PSID for secured storage allowing them to use the data in the future
  Data Breaches
Immediately report any data breaches or problems with the data to PSID staff by contacting

Effective May 25, 2008, anyone submitting an application, proposal, or progress report to the NIH must include the PubMed Central reference number (PMCID) or NIH Manuscript Submission reference number when citing applicable articles that arise from their NIH funded research:

In consideration of this policy, PSID requests that all journal articles based on analysis of PSID data or its supplements (either public or restricted-use) receive a PubMed Central reference number (PMCID). Journal articles must be submitted to PubMed Central to receive a PMCID. The method of PubMed Central submission and Investigator responsibility for submission depend on the journal and its publisher:

  1. Some journals automatically submit published articles to PubMed Central.
  2. Some journal publishers may submit the articles to PubMed Central automatically or upon request by the author.
  3. If neither the journal nor the journal publisher will submit the article to PubMed Central, the Investigator will be responsible for the submission. For detailed instructions on the process of submitting a journal article to PubMed Central, please see the NIH website.

Researchers with PSID restricted-use contracts should include PMCIDs in their list of PSID publications submitted in biennial reports.

Researchers using PSID public-use data should send citations based on PSID publications you have authored which have PMCIDs to