Occasionally, PSID creates auxiliary data files that include special generated variables. These variables are not available in the Data Center.

The purpose of this zip file is to provide a public release version of the Urban/Rural (Beale Code) that is accessible only via a restricted use contract. This truncated version collapses the two rural categories of the restricted Beale code variable (value 9 and 10) into one rural category while retaining the remaining distinctions.This zip file contains truncated Beale codes for the 1985-1997 waves. As we make other corrections to Family Files, truncated Beale codes will be added as a part of any future re-release and will then be available through the datacenter. The data consist of 110,302 records, one record for each family participating in the PSID from 1985-1997. The ZIP file contains a data file plus SAS, SPSS and Stata statements as well as a codebook.

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