This file contains the full set of genomic data in Variant Call Format (VCF). As part of the early release of the CDS-2014 genomic data, the VCF data are being distributed by PSID to data users who complete an application process (described below). We ultimately plan to make these same data available to users through the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP) at the National Institutes of Health (see

The CDS-2014 VCF data are available in compressed format that requires approximately 0.5 terabytes of disk space. Also included with the CDS-2014 VCF data is a file with a limited set of variables including ID variables and a small set of phenotypic data. The application procedure for the CDS-2014 VCF data will mirror the approach required when the data are released through dbGaP.
  There are data use limitations for the CDS-2014 VCF data—in particular, data users must provide documentation of local IRB approval and use of data is limited to not-for-profit organizations. Users will need to complete a Data User Certification Agreement indicating their agreement to the terms of access under which the CDS-2014 VCF data are being made available.

Data users who would like to link summary measures derived from the CDS-2014 VCF data to other measures available through the CDS or PSID data archives will need to obtain a restricted data use agreement.

For more information on obtaining the Variant Call Format (VCF) data, please email the PSID Help Desk at